Cutting Boards & Other Small Wood Products

Cutting boards are ever so popular in the woodworking community.  We are confident that we can provide you with a customized board that has your favorite wood species and is food safe.

Beyond cutting boards, we would like to share other small wood product opportunities to you.  Below you will see functional, display, and gift products.  As our business grows and more creations are made, we will add to each wood products page.  We look forward to working with you and hearing your small project ideas.

Custom Wood Box

Displayed here is a multi-use wooden box for groomsmen gifts. As you can see, the groom decided to put in gifts to each of his groomsmen.

A customized box is timeless and can be used to hold your most cherished possessions.  We would be honored to provide a special piece in your home or your loved ones' homes.

Charcuterie Board

This particular charcuterie board is made out of a black walnut tree directly from the Toledo, Ohio area.  These ever-so-popular boards are handcrafted just for you.

Not all boards have to have an exposed edge such as this.  We found it ever so beautiful and an added unique touch to this piece.  Contact us today if you would like your own charcuterie board for your next gathering or your quiet night in with snacks and a good movie.

Noodle Board

If you are asking yourself, what is a noodle board? We get it, there is a time we asked the same thing.  This noodle board was built for a family member to cover their stove/oven when not in use.  Whether you're covering a mess or adding an extra personalization to your kitchen, this customized wood board is for you!

The other use for this board we have seen is a perfect charcuterie board! Get your appetizers displayed perfectly with this multi-use noodle board.

Christmas Tree Ornament

These ornaments provide so many custom opportunities. Pattern by: Steve Good.  We are not limited to designs or words.  Furthermore, we feel these Christmas ornaments present an opportunity for kid crafts.

In the realm of 3D printing, laser cutting, and Cricut® crafts, this ornament shows the opportunity of handmade and customization woodworking still offers.

Personal Wood Gifts

Providing a gift from the heart is what a lot of people aim to give, I know we do. The police supporting flag here was created as a gift for a family member and their significant other serving their community.

Whatever your message, connection, or support we are genuinely open and honored to help you provide a special gift to your loved ones. Please send us your thoughts or inspiration on our contact page and we will get started!