Tables and Cabinetry

There are many variations when it comes to building items for your home. Classic and timeless tables and cabinetry are available everywhere. However, receiving a custom table, cabinet, doors, etc. will ensure you receive the colors you need to match your home design, have a perfect size, and have the opportunity to use unique wood species.

We have several years of experience but would prefer not to age ourselves.  Below you will see some of our work but this is not a limitation to what we can do for you.  Call us and provide inspiration photos, and we will create what you need and want.  Becauseof the potential size of these projects we are unable to ship so we are limited to working with folks that are in the Toledo Ohio area or those willing to travel to us.  We are humbled by the excitement and feedback from our customers so what you see on this page are actual projects.  We look forward to working with you!

Farmhouse Dining Table

Farmhouse tables are great because they can be made to match a traditional design or take a more contemporary approach.

The table pictured here is a grey wash finish with white legs and includes two benches.  Farmhouse tables are a great option for family gatherings.  Contact us today to get the perfect table for your space.

Kitchen Nook Table

Kitchen Nook, Breakfast Nook, or Dinette Nook. Whatever your terminology, we think these are the perfect smaller size table to enjoy those little moments with your family that have long-lasting memories.

This particular table was made to have a smooth top finish and a heavier table because the clients are a young family with young children. We do all we can to provide function, safety and beauty to your designs.

Buffet Table

Buffet tables, also known as sideboards are primarily used for an extra surface area that provides additional storage. We have built buffets that hold family heirlooms or their special tea sets.

Coffee Tables with Resin

River tables are a work of art and customizable. The wood species and amount of resin will provide a unique piece.