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Wood Wall Art

We have a variety of wall art custom pieces.  Intarsia is our specialty, which incorporates a variety of wood species to create the exact features you are looking for.

We would like to share other small wood product opportunities with you.   As our business grows and more creations are made, we will add to each wood products page.  Contact us today with your inspiration and we would be happy to create a one of a kind piece for you. Pattern by: Judy Gale Roberts.


This intarsia cowboy was custom made using several species of wood, no stains at all. Patern by: Judy Gale Roberts.

Motorcycle Road Trip

There is nothing like cruising on your motorcycle on the open road.  This is a great intarsia piece to always remind you of those days. Pattern by: Judy Gale Roberts.

Poinsettia Wall Art

This beautiful poinsettia wall art is great to display above a doorway or fireplace.  Another intarsia piece with variety of wood species, no wood stains used. Pattern by Judy Gale Roberts.

Jesus on Cross

Exceptional detail for this intarsia wall art.  A great gift for a baptism.  Whether you hang it above your mantle or make it part of your bedroom decor, you’ll feel a sense of love and peace. Pattern by: Judy Gale Roberts.

Great Dane

Dog lovers welcome!  Wood comes in several species, instarsia art doesn't use wood stain but we are happy to customize this great dane (or another dog breed) to match your "best friend." Pattern by: Judy Gale Roberts


Dolphins intarsia would make a great addition to your home decor.  Contact us today to create a wall piece custom created for you. Pattern by: Judy Gale Roberts.

Native American

There is just something about detailed art displayed on beautiful wooden background.  What a great way to honor your family background.

Cats in Wooven Basket

This instarsia kitten wall art hangs proudly in my daughter's home.  Cat lovers are welcome too. Pattern by: Kathy Wise


Yorkies are cute and cuddly.  This intarsia piece was created for my parents and serves as a memory of their beloved Yorkie. Pattern by: Judy Gale Roberts.